Quick Maintenance Instruction Guide

Mi-T Mist

Mouthpiece: Spray the fine mist on the mouthpiece then let evaporate (about 45 seconds). Use with the proper Roche-Thomas mouthpiece brush for more thorough cleaning.

Instruments: To freshen and clean the inside of the instrument, spray liberally into the instrument and immediately swab. Mi-T-Mist evaporates quickly and assists in eliminating moisture and bacteria. Use with proper Roche-Thomas cleaning swabs.

Mi-T-Slick (Valve/Slide Oil)

Valves: Oil your valves every time you play, or at least three times per week. Unscrew the top valve from the valve casing, and pull the valve out in a straight line. Do not twist. Apply valve oil, coating the entire valve. You may want to first wipe off the valve to remove debris before applying new oil. Do not oil your valves from the bottom caps.

Slides: Slide grease keeps slides airtight and maintains smooth movement. young players should use slide oil at least once a week. To apply slide oil, put hand slide into approximately third position and add oil to each slide.

Premium Fingerboard Oil

Every time you change your strings, you should clean & condition your fret board. This will remove the dirt, sweat and grime that builds up on the neck and around the frets. In addition, it will keep your fret board looking brand new and extends it's life by avoiding drying and cracking. Our oil is safe on all wood types. Liberally apply Roche-Thomas Premium Fingerboard Oil to Roche-Thomas Polish Cloth and clean the whole fret. Put the polish cloth back in the resealable zip lock bag and it will be ready for the next use.

Premium Bore Oil

Use Roche-Thomas Mi-T-Swab and put some Premium Bore Oil on the swab and pull back and forth through the instrument. Wipe of any excess oil and put swab in resealable zip lock back for the next cleaning and oiling.

Premium Key Oil

Put one drop of oil into the space at the end of each key rod and between all moveable keys. Put the oil into the slit next to each post. Work the keys vigorously to circulate the oil, then wipe off any excess oil from the body and keys of the instrument.

Mi-T-Grease (Tuning Slide\Cork Grease)

Slide: Completely remove the slide from the instrument. Pull with even, consistent force. Do not yank. Most instruments will have a long and short end on the slide to aid in realigment when assembling the instrument. Apply a small amount of grease to each arm of the slide and work it around with your finger. Replace each arm of the slide, one end at a time, moving it completely into the instrument out to ensure even coverage. Rotating the slide in the sleeve is a good technique to help this happen.

Cork Grease: Corks should be greased regularly to create a nice even layer of grease to the corks prior to assembly.

Trombone Slide Cream

Slide cream and water are recommended for mature players. A proper way to apply slide cream is to pull the iner hand slide almost all the way out, applying cream on only the very botton edge of the inner slide. Using our easy to use Roche-Thomas Bone Bottle which has a fine mist sprayer, to apply water to activate the cream.


Use liberally by applying to a Roche-Thomas Polish Cloth and wiping down any wood or brass surface and then wiping off excess polish. Safe to use on all wood, brass and metal parts.